Welcome FFE. Josh from Seattle!

Chuckが去った後、またまたウーファーがやってきました! シアトルからやってきたジョシさんです。 ジョシはアメリカの小学校の先生です。夏休みを利用してゆらりっこにやってきました。 何と!トミーと一緒にゆらりっこのサマースクールの先生をしてくれるのです! ジョシからメッセージをもらいました。 Hello to everyone at FFE! My name is Josh and I`m from the United States. I`m spending my summer break in Japan. I live in Seattle but grew up in a small time in the southern United States, where the weather in the summer is a lot like the weather in Kyushu - hot and humid! In fact, there are many things here that remind me of my childhood home, like the trees and the sounds of the insects. In America, I work in a school, teaching language and speech to preschool and elementary school students. In my spare time, I like to cook, hike, and learn Japanese. I have already been able to sample quite a bit of the local vegetables. So far, the Japanese pumpkin and plums have been my favorites. I am excited for us to be able to learn about each other`s culture and language through fun outdoor activities, cooking, and eating. I think the best way to learn is by doing! After the summer school at Yurarikko, I will be doing sightseeing in Honshu but I am sure nothing will be as fun as these two weeks in Munakata. みんなさん、がんばって下さい! Josh

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