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サマースクールで力になってくれたジョシが福岡を後にしました。 最後にメッセージをもらいました。 ジョシ、たくさん英語を教えてくれてありがとう! また来年待ってるね!(笑) I can`t believe it`s already been over 2 weeks since I arrived here! I can definitely say that my time at Yurarikko has been fun and educational. I`ve learned a tremendous amount of things about Japanese food, language, culture, and life over the last few weeks - some things very surprising! I saw the students and families learn, too. Everyone was learning all day, every day! While here, I`ve learned dozens of different ways of cooking and preparing vegetables, especially cucumbers, tomatoes, and pumpkin. I also learned that Japanese plums are the best kind of dessert! I`m going to try and go home and recreate some of the good food we`ve all had these 2 weeks. I am very thankful for everyone`s kindess and generosity. I have been amazed at how patient and easy-going everyone has been, despite the brutal heat and my tremendous language barrier! I will be following Yurarikko`s fun times throughout the year on this website and hope to see everyone in new adventures one day. Good luck to everyone! Thanks for everything, Josh from Seattle

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