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オーストリアからやって来たリサ。大学で日本語を勉強していて、日本の文化が大好きで、初めて日本にやって来たリサ。子供たちやママたちと積極的に関わってくれました。でも…別れの時がやってきました。リサも夏休みは終わりです。オーストリアに帰ることになりました。リサと初めて会った時、リサにお願いをしておきました。約4週間滞在の中で、どんなことを体験してどんかことを思ったかをメッセージに残して欲しい。リサはしっかりと日々のことを記録していました。こんなに長いメッセージを残してくれました。 ありがとうリサ!みんなリサが大好きだよ!! So my first week here in Munakata was interesting and full of fun. I had luck to have two english fun classes in the summer Vacation. We began with ABC song and the through the whole lesson we sang more and more songs. Because Kids need movement Meg and Tommy always plan in some time to just play and have fun. This time, we played Twister and could learn colors and body parts. Awesome - playing and learning. We made Lunch together After Lesson - so good,Onigiri. The kids were still very shy in my first lesson, but already in the second they greeted me with a loud " good morning". That day we sang many different songs, again with good morning song and ABC. Kids began to talk to me and answer my question like " what color is this " " what’s your name " in English. Because it was good weather we were able to go outside and play in the garden. We searched for Bugs and the boys tried to catch other insects like dragon flies. For lunch we made Maki Sushi. It really was fun. 28.8 I had my First toddler class. The little Kids really were afraid of me at the beginning but lost their fear quickly after sining together. I was surprised how many different words the babys could speak like some numbers, animals and colors. In the break we went outside and planted some potatoes and picked up some chestnuts. yummy. The mommies were so nice to go together with me to the beach. Once again thank you so much for the wonderful time! 31.8 second week here :) started with kindergarten class. We learned the ABC again and talked about actions like " sleep " "swim" and "jump". They also introduced themselves with " my Name is...". once again I am surprised how many things they can say, when they stop being so shy and talk to me :). Tommy is such a great teacher - he always takes time to talk with every single child and he encourages them to speak. Mommies went with me to a very delicious Ice cream store and we were able to Talk a little :). 2.9 My first Baby class. Wow these kids really are Babys. We sang a Lot of songs like twinkle twinkle little Star, zoom zoom zoom we're going to the moon and many more. The Babys really seemed to have fun especially with action Songs, where they or their mommies could move like " make a circle round ". 4.9 second toddler class. Today so many mommies and kids were here! So many new and nice faces:) we all tried to introduced ourselves in english. We sang again many songs and the kids played a lot and quickly befriend each other - some already knew each other from Summer Camp . This place reminds me of how kind people can be - mommies and Kids shared and laughed together. We also learned today about the seasons - this season is Autumn. We sang a autumn song and Meg was so nice to translate a Japanese Kids song into English " Under the spreading chestnut tree " the Kids love the song and it is fun for me to hear and learn the Japanese song. 6.9 Tea party time!! Thank you so much for coming and taking the time to Talk with me :) It really was fun with the tea and the cake - thank you so much. I was able to talk a little about Austria and my life there and about Japan and the differences between those two. I really enjoyed reading to the Kids in german too. Kids were so nice to sing " Under the spreading chestnut tree" for me. 7.9 My third week here. Wow time goes by so fast. the Kids really developed well and have lost all their fear for me. We began to ask each other " How are you " " I am fine ". When I help them, they always respond with a loud " Thank you " I am so proud of them. It is chestnut season so we went out and picked some up again . This also have me the opportunity to Talk a little with the mums :). 10.9 Today was really funny. Because the weather was good Tommy and Meg decided to go outside and learn english in the nature. We went to shrine nearby where Meg placed some cards with animals on it. The children had to find them and say " I got a 'dog' ". The Kids really had fun and were able to out all their energy into learning. My last week here. wow Yurarikko adds music learning to learning english :) the Kids became moth harmonicas to play with. So great, they learn the different keys and it's good for the health Too. I am really going to miss the Kids and the mommies! And of course Tommy and Meg. Yurarikko really is an extraordinary place! So much kindness, love and fun in one place. I am going to miss the children’s faces when they said something right in English - so happy and proud. I will miss Tommy kind heart and his jokes, together with his guitar and songs. I will miss Meg, who is always in a good mood and brings sunshine to this place. Thank you all for this amazing time, not only during classes but also outside class. Especially to Takiguchi, Chieko and Meg. I will be forever thankful.

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