Welcome to Yurarikko! Molly from Massachusetts! ウーファーがやってきた!





だから全然OK! いつもと変わらずレッスンをします。



Dear Yurarikko

Hello! My name is Molly Rhodes.

I am 22 years old and I came from Worcester, Massachusetts in the United States of America.

I love Japan because of my older brother and my many Japanese friends.

We often watched Japanese movies together when I was younger, like “Seven Samurai”,

” Princes Momonoke", and “Spirited Away”.

When I got older, I became interested in being a professional manga author, so I started to study more about Japan-Japanese language,culture,history,and arts.

It was my dream to someday move to Japan and work for a Japanese magazine.

However,while I studied,I found so many things to love about Japan and its people.

I wanted to come just to spend time here getting to know the people who live here,their ways of life,and this land where they live.


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