Josh is Back! ~Josh in Yurarikko Summer Camp 2016~

去年の夏、ゆらりっこのサマーキャンプに入ってくれたウーファーがいました。 その人はJoshと言って、アメリカのシアトルで小学校の先生をしています。 彼はキャンプの全日程に参加してくれ、子供たちに英語を教えてくれました。 キャンプを通して、ゆらりっこでよほど充実した時を過ごしたのでしょう。 ある日Joshからメールが来ました。 「キャンプだホイ!またゆらりっこのサマーキャンプを手伝いに行くよ!」 そして…、本当に、本当に、Joshは帰ってきました! ゆらりっこの夏、Joshが帰ってきた! まずはメッセージ! I had so much fun at Yurarikko that I just had to return for more fun this summer! Monday was the first day and I was thrilled to see a few familiar faces, as well as all of the new students. During the year, I work at an elementary school in Seattle, which is in the northwestern United States. I wanted to come back to Yurarikko again to experience the food, culture, and fun activities in nature. It is a nice change from my normal pace of life! I am especially amazed at all the vegetables that grow around Yurarikko, as well as the honey that comes from nearby. Last year, I enjoyed having goya juice so much that I tried to make it at home, but it wasn’t the same. Maybe this year I can learn some secrets to take home. I am looking forward to more adventures and fun learning in nature this year! Josh from America

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