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Josh's Last Message:

Well, another round of Yurarikko summer camp has come and gone. And how quickly it happened!

I believe everyone had as great a time as I did, especially the children. We were able to do so much,

and learn so much, while having fun and keeping cool in nearby streams and waterfalls.

I was especially amazed at seeing very young children putting together entire sentences in English!

I have returned to my home of Seattle now and it is taking a while to get used to being back.

I had gotten pleasantly accustomed to the excellent company and food.

On a personal note, I am very grateful to the T and M families for making this such a memorable and

enjoyable experience for me, for the second year!

Thanks to the them, and the friendly people at Yurarikko and in Munakata in general, I always felt warm and welcomed.

I can't even count how many gifts I received!

As summer wraps up and routine life starts back, I will have these terrific memories to look back upon all year.

Until next time,

Josh from Seattle, USA

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