Welcome to FFE! Joachim from Belgium!







I’m Joachim from Belgium, and right now, I’m staying for a month and a half in Kyushu!

I came to Japan to spend the summer vacation away from my tiny country, practice my terrible Japanese and (try to) apprehend a new culture!

Sofar, I have met a lot of people in Fukuoka and Nobeoka, and people have been overly kind to me.

Kyushu feels really exotic for me, because Belgium is a relatively cold country with little to no mountains or beaches.

Japan is such a refreshing sight for me!

I look forward to spending some time in Yurarikko, because I like to exchange ideas with others, and because

I have never taught in my life, so it might be a good initiation!

So far, I have really enjoyed Takemaru, its surroundings and its inhabitants.

Everybody has been kind and open, and the scenery is just beautiful here.

Thank you all for welcoming me warmly!

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