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Juniorクラスの後は、ゆらりっこに兄弟で通ってくれているLittle Tommy&Terryのお家にホームステイを










Hi!So I’ve been back in Belgium for a few weeks now.

My time in Japan was amazing!

The Japanese people are so kind and open-hearted.

In total, I stayed with 6 different hosts.

My longest stay was with T-san and C-san.

It was a great stay, and the jobs I had to do weren’t boring, in fact, they were very fun !

Half of my work consisted in helping around the farm ; mostly harvesting, since it was in July.

The other half of my work was singing, playing and talking in Yurarikko Fun Farm English.

The name perfectly encompasses the philosophy of Yurarikko ; it isn’t just another English school.

It’s a complete experience for children.

They get to explore the beautiful area, meet other children, have fun in the playground, participate in activities, all of that in English of course! In my opinion, learning by experience is more effective, and definitely more memorable than learning in a classroom.

Also, they get to meet people from all over the world thanks to T-san and C-san and their hospitality towards foreigners!

It is a mind-expanding experience to meet someone who has a culture that indifferent than yours.

The mothers (and sometimes fathers) of the children also have an amazing English level, especially when compared to the average level of English in the countryside in Japan…

It’s all thanks to the 2 main teachers, Tom-san and Meg-san!

Please keep up the great work!

Right now, I’m studying Japanology (日本学科) in a Belgian university, but if you want to contact me for any reason at all, please do so! I’d love to hear from you.

Anyway, please continue to keep Yurarikko a buzzing and lively community, and thank you all so much for the stay!

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