Autumn is here! WWOOFer is here! David from Switzerland!!




Grüezi (Hi) everyone!

I am David from Switzerland (not Sweden!).

After completing my bachelor's degree, I had to choose between working for 5 months in Switzerland or traveling - I think i've never had an easier choice.

I am staying for 5 months in Japan, the first month I travelled from Tokyo to Yakushima with stops in many interesting and beautiful places. I wanted to see more from Japan than only the touristic cities and mount Fuji (which I actually never saw), I wanted to know how people live in the more rural areas, which is why I am woofing for totally 2 months. I will stay 3 weeks at T-san's house and a little more than a month in Hiki, a little town near Shirahama.

I love the feeling and vibes here in Takemaru, everything is a little bit slower, people are very friendly (as anywhere in Japan, it is incredible how lovely Japanese people are).

Also I am very interested in politics, so if you ever feel like you have something to discuss about politics:

I am your guy!

I hope my Japanese will get better, i just started 2 weeks ago, so don't expect to much from me.

Hope to see you soon.


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