Welcome to Yurarikko.WWOOFer Toni came from Switzerland! トニーがスイスからやってきた!





My name is Toni, I’m from Switzerland (the land of cheese, chocolate, mountains and watches)

and I am 19 years old (yes, 19 :) ).

I decided to come to Japan for three months between high-school and my military-service/university.

I had lots of reasons to come here (You can basically call it a decision from the heart,

because I’m interested in modern and traditional Japanese culture, the language and customs

and I also try to meet new people and make new friends).

Now I’ve already been travelling from Tokyo to Munakata for nearly two months and time went by ever so quickly.

I’m really looking forward to staying at Munakata because I think I will make great experiences and meet awesome people here, too.

I like having philosophical conversations and I’m very keen on learning other perspectives on life

and exchange thoughts with other people.

So I’m looking forward to meeting and chatting with you :)


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