Message from Fiona フィオナからのメッセージ









I found each and every mother I've met here has a great passion towards the nature

and eager to know about the world outside of Japan.

The person in charge, Meg and Tommy are energetic, wonderful and inspiring people!

And I am feeling really thankful for being treated so friendly by everybody here, it made me

feel extremely warm as I'm travelling alone and being in a new environment.

It was fun dancing, singing and playing with the kids in the classroom and outside in the nature,

I found the kid inside of me has came alive! To be honest I had fun as much as the children did!

Special thanks to the family who took me out for beautiful places and showed me around the city,

I had an incredible time here that I will never ever forget in my whole life.

I am so happy to be here!

Thank you so much for everything!

All the best to everyone in Yurarikko, see you next time !

With loves and regards


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