Rice Planting by Rowena

Last June 17th-everyone gathered at Yurarikko for some English lessons with Meg, Nicola and Rowena.

The lessons was about children’s introduction like their names, which school they went to, favorite color and food and English books they like most. Nicola and Rowena’s demonstration on how Nicola spend her day.

The children really pay attention for this is their first time to know more about Nicola.

She came from Canada.

Followed by Nicola's reading 2 stories to the kids and later ask them questions.

The first one was easy for them but the second story was quite challenging but still they managed to answer most of the questions.

So we wrapped up the lessons with some Yurarikko's unique dances and songs.

Next, we prepare ourselves for next and the main activities for the

day 'Rice Planting'.

Under the heat of the sun but with cool wind in our skin-it was very beautiful day,indeed...

The same field the Kids played last week.

While planting the rice we wished these will grow into very good crops.

And hoping they will produced delicious rice.

The Kids planting the rice sometimes playing with the mud- the

Yurarikko kids love the nature very much. They felt at home when they

come to Yurarikko and I'm sure they enjoyed playing while learning.

While the Children and some Parents helped rice planting some Moms

cooked some delicious 3 flavored Potatoes that we harvested last week

from the farm.

And with matching different flavored that they prepared themselves last week . Everybody enjoyed snack time with potato and ice cream.

It was very fun day because we can see the beautiful smiles and the laughters of the children.

I'm sure they felt so satisfied their Saturday activities at Fun Farm Yurarikko.

We closed the day say goodbye to everyone for some families need to

leave ahead like Kate's children have their piano lesson the same day.

We hope to meet Nicola again next meeting - we wished to.

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