Yurarikko Summer of 2017 ゆらりっこの夏 by Tommy

For the last 3 yrs.

Summer Camp at Yurarikko has been exciting and this year's events were no different.

Casper 17. a woofer from Belgium joined us with his eager excitement to sing and dance with us.

3days of fun from playing under the sun to class room songs and boogie.

Painting, crayfish fishing, rosemary crowns, and nagashi somen WOW,, too much fun,

The final day was the best, Dear Tak and Meg with their son Jutta made a beautiful “Yurari-kun” tree.

The kids painted the tree themselves and afterward it was cut into section to form a puzzle.

The kids were awarded a piece of the puzzle to keep.

That in the not too distant future a reunion would bring us all together and we would bring our piece of

the puzzle and make our “Yurari-kun" tree again!!!!

Terrific idea!!!!

Also the grand finale…Fireworks!!

And Bar-B-Q. Too great!!!

Summer Camp 2017 at Yurarikko.

Thank you all for coming.


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