Saturday Event Day (宗像ゆらりっこジュニアクラス)

At noon(12:00) people gathered at FFE.

Some adults prepared cooking fire outside others sang songs, danced, and read English story books to the children.

Next we assembled our camp stove, where the dutch oven would sit and started our fire for cooking rice.

Tommy and most of the children went into the forest to the adventure and build a fort.

Others assembled freshly harvested ingredients for making a delicious lunch.

A long hike through the beautiful bamboo and cedar forest captivated the children, who found a katana in

every branch and secret hideaway behind an enormous fallen tree.

At last we arrived at a beautiful old jinjya where the children found thick chunks of translucent ice to throw

at the nearby road, showering the ground.

Returning to FFE our big group became several with the shared goal of making a delicious meal.

Chicken and vegetables simmered in the crockpot, sweet potatoes became sugary while slow cooking in the fire, rice was made in old fashioned metal containers.

At last everything was cooked!

Generous servings of chicken, vegetables, and sweet potatoes were handed out to guests.

Meal concluded, children and adults alike gathered to try matchless fire starting techniques used by the American Indian.

Much smoke was seen, none the less, all had fun.

Reading “Bambi”.

Today was enjoyed by all.

By Bryan



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