Cherry join in the toddler class. チェリーがトドラークラスに参加!




When I first go into the classroom, I was a bit nervous because I don‘t know what would happen.

I was also worried whether toddlers can concentrate and learn something.

However, when Tommy started playing his guitar, I feel everything as ease.

The music and the songs caught the attention of toddlers and mommys.

They sang and danced together happily. Even the new comers could easily get into it and sing together.

The atmosphere was really great.

After that, we learned about numbers, alphabets and phonics with the posters in the classroom.

Besides classroom time, we also went outdoors to visit the farm, the henhouse and the loquat trees.

(The loquat was soooo delicious)

It was incredible that mommys and their children learn together in this relaxing way.

Besides learning English in a fun way, the relationship can be built up between mommys and toddlers, as well as other friends too.

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