Slacklining is fun! スラックラインは楽しい!

Slacklining is fun!

Again the Yurarikko family got together and enjoyed English and sports. We are very excited to experience slacklining for the first time! We all had a hard time at first trying to walk across the rope. But practice makes perfect! Eventually, the kids got the hang of it and we all were able to reach the other side. We even tried to walk backwards and sideways. We had a good time under the blue sky. I wish we can do slacklining again together!

スラックラインは楽しい! 某日某素敵な場所。ゆらりっこファミリーが集まって英語&スポーツを楽しんだ。スラックラインが初体験の私たちは大興奮!挑戦しては落ちるを繰り返す。渡り切った時の喜びったら!私たちは青空の下楽しい時間を過ごした。みんなでまたスラックラインやりたいな!

By Joe & Meg

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